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twitter_logo_headerI currently tweet all new and exciting activity about the sport compact industry and my site, Of course my goal for this is to follow other in the industry, and to be followed by others in the industry. Sport compacts are a passion for me so I always have something to say about the topic, but what does the average person searching for info about sport compacts want to know? Please comment here on my blog and leave your twitter URL and I’ll be sure to follow you and see what it is “you” want to hear.


Not a compact!

Not a compact!

I recently purchased a 30th anniversary convertible Camaro. I know its not a compact in anyway shape or form, but I will still share on my blog all mods and upgrades.

Sport Compact Articles

I have written 2 articles about the sport compact industry called The Rapidly Growing Sport Compact Industry, and Sport Compacts Are a Win Win Situation. I published these articles at and other webmasters or site owners have used pieces of my articles as content on their sites. I appreciate this except when no credit is given, all I’m asking in return is a link to my site added in at that bottom or at least my name somewhere near the article. If you like sport compact cars then you would definitly like my articles, so please check them out at Also visit our Sport Compact store at