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Nissan Skyline! Is it real?



Of course I know it’s real but is it really coming to America? There has been talk about the new Nissan Skyline GT-RR coming soon for so long, that I don’t even think I was driving age when I first heard the rumor! Nissan has good sport compact vehicles out now like any of the Spec-R’s. But the Skyline is almost like a mythological creature, has the engine of a muscle car, the gas mileage of a compact and the body of a race car! So my question is has anyone actually seen one in America? And if so was it a left-handed model?

Maybe it’s a conspiracy? Like the Skyline is acually a lemon like the 3000GT by Mitsubishi. Great looking car but any given one only ran 60-70k miles before serious problems! I don’t believe that but it sure would explain somethings!

On the serious side, if someone out there has real insight on when its coming let me hear it. Not to be skeptic but if you could share how you learn about the long awaited arrival of THE NISSAN SKYLINE and not “I read it in a magazine” CAUSE SO HAVE I! Thanks for reading

UPDATE: Yes I have actually scene a Skyline on the road here in Phoenix AZ. And I am very impressed with the look and overall awesomeness of this machine. I have not found a chance to get a good look at the car, but I do intend on going to a dealer with one on stock and checking the entire car out from top to bottom.

Let me know if anyone else has this beautiful machine around. Or if you have one please tell us what you think.

Nissan 370Z Roadster

A cute little, compact and powerful (I think) Nissan car has been unveiled recently. What I am talking about is the Nissan 370Z Roadster. In terms of looks and performance, the Nissan 370Z Roadster is similar to the Z coupe of Nissan. The car will be powered by the especially-tune engine and suspension and will be fitted with the super light weight 19-inch wheels with the Yokohama Advan Sport rubber. The car is equipped with 350-horsepower V6 engine that uses the Variable Valve Event and Lift Control. This will deliver better intake of air, thus promises better power output. Other information can be accessed here.

New Nissan 370z

New Nissan 370z

Custom Hood Scoop

Here is an update of my “hood scoop project” As you can see it turned out nicely. Now I’ve added red LED’s. I hope you like it and it inspires.

not the one I made

not the one I made but how I hope mine turns out

Well I am making a custom hood scoop for my 2004 Chevy Cavalier. I made the mold for it out of styrafome(i think thats how to spell it) And I used fiberglass matte and resin to make the scoop. It turned out very nice. I’ll be sharing pictures of the entire process hopefully by tomorrow. And if anyone out there has any questions about how to do this on their on car I am more than willing to help. Soon all of this will be on my website on the Free Guides page.

GT-RR Show Car Toyo Tires announces GT-R for SEMA Show booth

Nissan gt-r

Nissan gt-r

Toyo’s release read: “Nissan’s long awaited GT-R has received the full treatment by Bulletproof Automotive, including a set of brand new 20″ Toyo Proxes R888 tires, the first of their kind by Toyo. Known as the 2009 Nissan GT-R, this powerful all-wheel-drive sports car features Limited Edition BBS LM-DBK-P wheels shod with the Proxes R888 D.O.T.-approved competition tires in a 285/35ZR20 size up front and a 315/30ZR20 on the rear. The Nissan GT-R is also loaded with high-grade carbon fiber components, an Amuse Super Tough Titanium (STT) exhaust, and Endless monoblock six-piston front and rear brakes. The Proxes R888 is the Official Tire of SPEED World Challenge®, and is popular with both professional and amateur racers around the globe.”

Tomei Cusco Voltex Impreza WRX STI arrives in the US

Sport compact at its best

Sport compact at its best

It’s modified in every single area – chassis, engine, aero, tires, and will be driven by time attack driver Tarzan Yamada. They’re aiming to take out the HKS carbon fiber Evo (current overall champ) but can they do it? We’ll see in less than 2 weeks time.

Hello world!

Hello out there this is my first blog. Basically I’m promoting my new site I will be talking about the sport compact market, including the cost in building a sport compact, techniques for different modifications, free guides to increase horse power in your sport compact and anything else I can think of that you might be interested in hearing! Thank you for listening. haha!

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